Colby Moore

"Colby Moore is a Security Research Engineer at Synack where he works mainly on special projects. His most recent focus has been on Internet of Things security, mobile device software vulnerabilities, and automation. More specifically, research surrounding location based privacy vulnerabilities and the reverse engineering home automation devices.

A Mechanical Engineer by trade, he prefers to focus on the realm where physical world and software meet. He has identified countless 0-day vulnerabilities in embedded systems, major social networks, and consumer devices.

Colby's previous work includes security research at VRL as well as mentoring students at the USNA to develop a mission specific UAS platform. In his spare time you will probably find him reverse engineering access control systems or hacking satellites.


Patrick Wardle is the Director of Research at Synack, where he leads cyber R&D efforts. Currently, his focus is on automated vulnerability discovery and the emerging threats of malware on OS X and mobile devices.

Patrick previously worked at NASA, the NSA, and Vulnerability Research Labs (VRL). While working at the NSA as a global network exploitation and vulnerability analyst, Patrick received several classified patents and helped lead a team which received NSA’s highest civilian team award.

Patrick has extensive experience analyzing malware and has authored several sophisticated malware detection tools. He also enjoys hunting for bugs and has found exploitable 0days in major operating systems and several popular client applications."

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, January 27

4:15pm PST