Timothy D. Morgan

Blindspot Security LLC
Tim has been taking deep technical dives in security for over a decade. In that time, he has been credited with the discovery and responsible disclosure of numerous security vulnerabilities in a variety of software products, including: IBM Tivoli Access Manager, Sun Java Runtime Environment, Google Chrome Web Browser, OpenOffice, Oracle WebLogic Application Server, and IBM Websphere Commerce. His current research interests include applied cryptanalysis, IPv6 security, and XML external entities attacks. Tim develops and maintains several open source forensics tools in addition to Bletchley, an application cryptanalysis toolkit.

Tim works to secure his customers' environments through black box testing, code reviews, social engineering exercises, security training, and a variety of other services. Tim earned his computer science degrees from Harvey Mudd College and Northeastern University and currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he leads the local OWASP chapter.